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Appendix 2: Laureates and prize winners

Laureates and prize winners

Honorary Doctorates Dies Natalis

Prof. Esther Duflo (MIT, USA) received an honorary doctorate from honorary promotors Prof. Olivier Marie and Prof. Dinand Webbink for her research on poverty reduction. The fact that she received the Nobel Prize for Economics shortly before she was awarded this honorary doctorate, can be attributed symbolic meaning, as this year's Dies Natalis was tributed to Prof. Jan Tinbergen, who received the Nobel Prize fifty years earlier.

Prof. Dani Rodrik (Harvard University) received an honorary doctorate from the International Institute of Social Studies. Honorary supervisors were Prof. Dr. Mansoob Murshed and Prof. Dr. Peter van Bergeijk. The Ford Foundation professor of International Political Economy has published extensively on economic development, international economics and political economy. His current research focuses on employment and economic growth, both in developing countries and countries with highly developed economies.

Education Prize

Prof. Han Smit won the Education Prize in 2019 and received the award during the Opening of the Academic Year 2019-2020. Han Smit has worked at the Erasmus School of Economics since 2001 and is currently a professor of Corporate Finance. He teaches Corporate Finance and is a visiting fellow at NIAS (Netherlands Institute of Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences). Han Smit's enthusiasm and motivating teaching method make him a highly valued teacher.

Research Prize

Dr. Carlos Riumallo Herl won the Research Prize 2019 and received the award during the Opening Academic Year 2019-2020. He works as a university lecturer at the School of Economics (ESE) and mainly conducts research into health economics and the economy of aging. His research is of great importance to society, both in the Netherlands and abroad, but it also has a lot of impact within academia. 

Professor G.W.J. Bruins Prize

Student drs. Maeve van den Aakster was awarded this year’s Professor G.W.J. Bruins Prize. She does a Research Master Infection & Immunity (Erasmus MC) with an emphasis on infectional diseases and the transmission of these viruses between animals and humans. In this context, Van den Aakster emphasises the avian flu virus. With her work, she aims yo understand which wild birds get infected with the avian flu virus, and wheter birds can transmit the disease to chickens or humans. This 'one health approach' enables a better prediction of outbreaks, and helps preventing an epidemic, and to intervene in time. 

The award is named after Professor Bruins, who in 1913 was the first professor and Rector Magnificus of the Netherlands School of Commerce (NHH).

Professor H.W. Lambers Prize

The Prof. H.W. Lambers Prize was awarded to drs. Silvan Licher at the opening of the Academic Year. He completed the master's degree in Medicine in 2016. During his studies he was part of the Erasmus MC 2010 Honors Class. After obtaining his master's degree, he started his PhD at the Department of Epidemiology at Erasmus MC. During the first period of his PhD trajectory, he completed the Master's program in Clinical Epidemiology with distinction. The jury is impressed by the extracurricular activities that he undertook during his studies, for example the collaboration with the Department of General Practice for students who want to broaden their knowledge of general medicine.

The prize consists of a medal and an amount of money of 3,500 euros intended for courses, workshops, conference visits or additional training both nationally and internationally. Prof. H.W. Lambers was professor of economics and several times rector magnificus at the Dutch Economic University during the years 1950-1970. The prize was established by a donation from the ARK Fund.

Rotterdam Thesis Award

During the opening of the academic year, Mayor Aboutaleb awarded the seventh Rotterdam Thesis Prize 2019 to alumnus of public administration drs. Myrthe van Delden for her thesis on tackling subversive crime in Rotterdam-Zuid.

FAME Athena Prize

Dr. Dianne Bevelander, professor of Management Education at Rotterdam School of Management, is the winner of the FAME Athena Award 2019. She is awarded this prize for her enormous commitment to empower women and to put more women in important positions of influence. For example, she is the founder and director of the Erasmus Center for Women and Organizations.

Professional Services Award 2019

The Professional Services Awards (PSA) were awarded in 2019 (formerly known as Top Support Awards).
The individual award was presented to drs. Adhemare de Rijk, Funding Research Advisor at ESE and ESPhil. Her nomination for the PSA was widely supported by many academics and multiple faculties. The jury praised her role in this exceptional achievement and paid particular attention to the way which she works, that is, by not limiting herself to one faculty. Her efforts make it possible for others to convey the Erasmian Values to the maximum.
The jury awarded the team prize to the Science Hub of the M&C service, which aims to make science attractive and accessible to high school students. Every year, more than 4,000 high school students from all over Zuid-Holland attend one or more programmes at EUR. The jury particularly chose the Science Exchange because the initiative literally extends beyond the boundaries of the campus and connects with the city and the region.

Laureate research grants


Veni is a funding instrument in the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. It is a grant for researchers who have recently obtained their PhD. In 2019, seven EUR academics were awarded a Veni grant:

Dr. Chen Li (ESE)

Dr. Bastiaan Ravestein (ESE)

Dr. Krzysztof Postek(ESE)

Dr. Thomas Lambert(RSM)

Dr. Simone Dalm  (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Pieter van den Berg(RSM)

Dr. Mariëlle Beenackers(Erasmus MC)


Vidi is a funding instrument in the Innovational Research Incentives Scheme. It allows researchers who have been doing research at postdoctoral level for a number of years to develop their own innovative line of research and appoint one or more researchers for the purpose. In 2019, six EUR researchers were awarded a Vidi grant.

Dr. Amanda Brandellero(ESHCC)

Dr. Andreas Alfons (ESE)

Dr. Jan Stoop (ESE)

Dr. Zhenyu Gao (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Klazina Kooiman (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Qiuwei Pan (Erasmus MC)


Vici is a funding instrument from the Talent Scheme. It enables senior researchers to build up their own research group, often in anticipation of a tenured professorship. The research group must then be structurally integrated within the research institute. In 2019, three EUR researchers were awarded a Vici grant,

Dr. Marleen de Bruijne (Erasmus MC)

Dr. ir. Jurgen Marteijn (Erasmus MC)

Prof. dr. Moniek Buijzen (ESSB)

ERC Starting Grant

The ERC Starting Grant supports talented early-career scientist (with 2-7 years of experience since completing their PhD) in setting up their own research groups. In 2019, one EUR researcher was awarded a ERC Starting Grant.

Dr. Zhenyu Gao (Erasmus MC )

ERC Advanced Grant

The ERC awards Advanced Grants to established, leading academics who need a long-term grant in order to conduct groundbreaking research. In 2019, one EUR researcher was awarded an ERC Advanced Grant.

Prof. dr. Jun Borras (ISS)

De Jonge Akademie

De Jonge Akademie is a platform of young top academics from different disciplines. An appointment is for five years. Ten members come in and out every year. De Jonge Akademie organises activities in the fields of interdisciplinarity, academic policy and science and society. A number of young EUR scientists are members of De Jonge Akademie. In 2019, Prof. Renske Keizer (ESSB) was elected as a new member.


KNAW membership is a great tribute to one's scientific career. Members are chosen on the basis of high-quality academic achievements. 16 new members are elected annually. In 2019, Prof. Marion Koopmans (Erasmus MC) and Prof. Xandra Kramer (ESL) were among the newly elected members.

Marie Curie

The Marie Curie individual fellowships are designed to facilitate the international mobility of experienced researchers with at least four years’ full-time research experience. In 2019, the Marie Curie fellowship was awarded to four EUR scholars: 

Dr. Laura Ripoll Gonzàlez (ESHCC)

Dr. Thijs van den Broek (ESHPM)

Dr. Jonathan Mijs (ESSB)

Dr. Paolo Rossini (ESPhil)

EUR Fellowships

Each year, EUR offers fellowships to promising young EUR researchers who have obtained their doctorates, to enable them conduct their research. These fellowships are offered for a maximum of two years. EUR uses these fellowships to encourage researchers to pursue a career in academic research. In 2019, ten EUR scholars were awarded a fellowship: 

Dr. Arnab Ray Chaudhuri(Erasmus MC)

Dr. Debby van Riel (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Debbie van den Berg (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Iris Lansdorp-Vogelaar (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Bob Roozenbeek (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Alex Genevsky (RSM)

Dr. Menelaos Markakis (ESL)

Dr. Constanze Binder (ESPHIL)

Dr. Marieke Meeuwise (ESSB)

Dr. Marcel Jonker (ESHPM)

Erasmus MC Fellowships

Each year, Erasmus MC offers fellowships for a four-year research period to young, promising scholars who have obtained their PhD. These fellowships make it possible for them to start or continue their own research enquiries.

Dr. Corine Geurts van Kessel   (Viroscience) 

Dr. Lieke Kros (Neuroscience)

Dr. Julie Nonnekens (Molecular Genetics, Radiology & Nuclear Medicine)

Dr. Ling Oei (Internal Medicine)

CLI Fellows

The Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI) organises projects in collaboration with the faculties for the professional development of lecturers, innovation in online and offline education, education research and student4student projects. The CLI supports these projects by making it possible for faculties to appoint CLI Research Fellows. CLI fellowships were awarded to:

Dr. Melodine Sommier (ESHCC), dr. Ana Vasques (EUC) en dr. Yijing Wang (ESHCC) delen een fellowship.

Dr. Mary Dankbaar (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Laura Zwaan      (Erasmus MC)

Prof. dr. Sabine Severiens(ESSB)

Dr. Marisela Martinez Claros(ESSB)

Prof. dr. Michaela Schippers  (RSM) 

Dr. Maciej Szymanowski (RSM) 

Dr. Lonneke de Meijer(ESSB)

Dr. Isabel Awad Cherit     (ESHCC)

Dr. Marloes Nederhand     (ESSB)

Dr. Margot van Wermeskerken    (Erasmus MC)

Dr. Ida J. Korfage(Erasmus MC)

Drs. Robbert Goverts(ESSB)

Dr. Gera Noordzij  (EUC)

Prof. dr. Gijsbert Oonk     (ESHCC)

Other national and international grants

Many EUR researchers have acquired other national or international grants or are partners in inter/national consortia. Some examples are:

Dr. Brian Godor (ESSB) received an Erasmus + Scholarship for his FAIRPLAY project, which investigates the social impact of football and how football can make young people more resilient.

Prof. Han van Ruler (ESPhil) received an NWO Open Competition SGW grant. This grant aims to stimulate excellent, free and curiosity-driven research within the social sciences and humanities. In this research, Van Ruler collaborates with Dr. Erik-Jan Bos, historian of early modern philosophy and the 17th century republic at the Faculty of Arts at Radboud University Nijmegen and the Erasmus School of Philosophy. He is an expert on the French philosopher and scientist René Descartes and his contemporaries.

ECWO (Erasmus Center for Women and Organizations) and the EUR's Diversity & Inclusion Office are partners in the EQUAL4EUROPE project, funded under the Horizon2020 program 'Supporting research organisations to implement gender equality plans'.

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